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(+39) 0541 600100


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Via Novafeltria, 10 47838 Riccione (RN)


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Flexible Cancellations

Cancellation Policy

cancellation_policy policy

Before initiating a cancellation with Shuttle Italy Airport, it's important to know their policy. Please see the below bullet points highlighting the key terms of their cancellation policy:

  • Non-refundable Tickets: Tickets bought from Shuttle Italy Airport are usually non-refundable. Once purchased, no refund can be claimed regardless of whether the ticket has been used.
  • Cancellations by the Company: If Shuttle Italy Airport cancels your journey due to reasons within their control, they will offer a full refund or rescheduling of your journey.
  • Force Majeure: In case of unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond control (like weather conditions, strikes, or circumstances that endanger passengers' safety), Shuttle Italy Airport is not liable to offer a refund.
  • Advanced Notice: Most companies require at least 24 hours to 72 hours advance notice for cancellation. It's important to check if Shuttle Italy Airport offers any flexibility on this. However, bear in mind that usually, tickets are non-refundable.
  • Route Changes: If you need to alter your itinerary, the original ticket price may not be offsetted against the new fare. Charging the full fare for the new journey is within the rights of the company.
  • Service Issues: In case you face problems with the service, you may send a complaint to Shuttle Italy Airport directly. Refunds in such cases are made on the company's discretion.

Please note that all the points stated are general and may vary from company to company. For the most accurate information, please directly contact Shuttle Italy Airport or visit their official website.

Smooth Luggage

Luggage Policy

luggage_policy policy
Luggage Policy of Shuttle Italy Airport:
  • Each passenger is entitled to two pieces of luggage; one piece of hand luggage and one piece above the size that fits into the luggage bin.
  • Hand luggages must be able to fit into the overhead rack or under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Each check-in item should weigh under 20 kg and its dimensions must not exceed 70x50x30 cm.
  • Any additional bags or items will be accepted only subject to the availability of space in the luggage compartment and upon payment of a service supplement.
  • Luggage should be durably marked with the name, address, and contact details of the owner.
  • The company does not take responsibility for any lost or damaged luggage.
Extra Charges on Luggage:
  • Any additional luggage other than the allowed will be charged extra. The fee is determined by the company based on size, weight and the amount of additional luggage.
  • Extra sports equipment like ski gear, golf bags, bikes, surfboards etc. will incur an additional fee.
Items Allowed and Not Allowed Inside the Shuttle:
  • Allowed: Laptops, mobile phones, cameras, small electronic devices, books, food and drink (except alcohol), small personal items.
  • Not Allowed: Drugs and narcotics, guns and other weapons, large electronic devices, hazardous substances, flammable items, animals (unless specified as pet friendly service), alcohol.