LegalPrivacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is our top priority. Learn about ntrip's commitment to your privacy, including how we collect and use your data, your rights as a user, and our security measures. Keep your data safe with our transparent and thorough privacy policy.

1. General

It is part of Ntrip policy respect users privacy, so in any way all your data eventually registered in Ntrip will not be shared under any circumstances.

2. Register

Ntrip doesn’t and will never send emails asking for confirmation of data /register info and/or executable attachments (exe extension with scr, bat) and download links.

To enjoy additional benefits of the website and receive email with exclusive offers and information about our services, you need to sign up directly on Ntrip for email newsletters. This register is stored in a protected and confidential database. Any communication sent to your mailbox will be through the periodical bulletin Ntrip. Your email will not be shared at any circumstances.

If you do not want to receive direct communications from Ntrip, you can click on the "opt-out" option, present on all emails sent by Ntrip.

It may be that the exclusion and subsequent cancellation will not occur immediately, due to maintenance and/or updating of active servers. However, if the opt-out takes longer than expected to become effective, you can contact us directly at our Facebook’s social profile.

3. Cookies

Cookies are information sent by Ntrip server to user's computer, which helps to identify IP and ease and efficiency of your browsing, simplifying registered users login, helping to guarantee security and authenticity of access and as for internal control and audience preferences. The acceptance or rejection of cookies can be freely changed in your browser settings. However, when the user disregard any safety rule or exercise any activity detrimental to the proper functioning of the site, for example, attempts to hack the service, Ntrip, for safety and security of the site and other users, we can adopt measures to identify the Hacker and deter such illegal conduct.

The help menu in your browser bar can help you avoid inserting new cookies or disable them. However, if you do not know how to change your privacy settings, please contact us to have any assistance.

4. Shared Informations

As already reported, for security purposes, the information may be shared when there is requirement of judicial or government authorities for the purpose of personal investigations conducted by them, even if isn’t there a court order, for example (and not limited to a) when that this is criminal character of investigation or violation of author's rights, subject to the confidentiality of information cases determined by laws in force, or communicate information when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the activity of a user is suspected of attempting or committing an offense or attempt to harm others. 

This right shall be used by Ntrip in its sole discretion where it deems appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and safety of the community and its members.

Please note: Ntrip shares links to other sites that are not covered by this policy. So check the privacy policies from these sites, given that your information will be managed in accordance with the policy of each and may differ from ours.

5. Information Security

All personal information provided to Ntrip is stored in a database with restricted access to authorized persons who are required by contract to keep the information confidential and not use them inappropriately.