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+41 848 446 688


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Hilfikerstr. 1 3000 Bern 65


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Frequently asked questions

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On-Board Experience and Amenities

What amenities are available on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers a range of amenities including comfortable seating, onboard dining options, restrooms, luggage storage, and panoramic windows to enjoy the scenic views.

Are there charging ports, Wi-Fi, and bathrooms on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provides charging ports, free Wi-Fi, and clean, well-maintained bathrooms for passengers' convenience.

What health and hygiene measures does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) follow?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) prioritizes passenger safety by implementing comprehensive health and hygiene measures, including regular cleaning, hand sanitizer availability, and ventilation systems for air circulation.

Is there food and beverage service available for purchase on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Passengers can enjoy food and beverage service on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) trains with a variety of options available for purchase.

What amenities, facilities, and services are available to passengers traveling with infants and toddlers?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers amenities for passengers traveling with infants and toddlers, such as changing tables, family-friendly seating, and stroller accessibility.

What are the policies regarding bringing personal food and drinks on board the train?

Passengers are welcome to bring personal food and drinks on board Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) trains, making it convenient for those with specific dietary needs or preferences.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provide in-transit entertainment options like movies or music?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers in-transit entertainment options, such as scenic views, along the journey, creating an enjoyable travel experience.

Can passengers access streaming services on board?

Passengers can access their favorite streaming services on their personal devices while traveling with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), ensuring entertainment throughout the journey.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer any premium features like extra legroom or movies?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers premium features, including extra legroom seating and in-transit entertainment options for an enhanced travel experience.

How many total passengers fit on a Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) train?

The total number of passengers that fit on a Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) train varies based on the specific train model and configuration, ensuring comfortable and efficient travel for all passengers.

Pet Policy

Can passengers travel with pets on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Passengers can indeed travel with pets on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) trains. It's a convenient way for pet owners to bring along their furry companions while traveling to different destinations within Switzerland or even internationally.

What are the requirements and guidelines for bringing pets on board?

When traveling with pets on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), passengers need to ensure that their pets are kept in appropriate containers and that they are not causing any disturbances to other travelers. Additionally, dogs must be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle. It's important to check the specific guidelines and regulations for pet travel on SBB trains to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for both passengers and pets.

Pricing, Payment, and Tickets

What are the pricing tiers for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) tickets?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers various pricing tiers for tickets, including standard fares, half-fare travelcards, and discounted fares for children, seniors, and groups. The company also provides options for international travel passes and point-to-point tickets for specific destinations.

Can you pick up 'will call tickets' at the station?

Yes, passengers can pick up 'will call tickets' at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) stations. Simply visit the designated ticket counter or self-service kiosk, and provide the necessary identification and booking details to collect your tickets.

Do you have to print your Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) ticket?

No, it is not mandatory to print your Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) ticket. Electronic tickets on mobile devices or PDF printouts are accepted for validation during the journey.

International Travel

Are there specific documents or requirements for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) trips crossing international borders?

When traveling with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) across international borders, passengers may be required to present a valid passport or other relevant travel documents, depending on the specific country and route. It is advisable to check the entry requirements of the destination country in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Special Travel Needs and Services

What are the benefits of using Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for business travel?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provides numerous benefits for business travel, including punctual and reliable train services, comfortable onboard facilities, and convenient connections to major business hubs.

Are there any packages or options for digital nomads or those traveling for work?

As of now, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) does not offer specific packages tailored for digital nomads or remote workers, but they provide flexible ticket options and convenient travel routes ideal for work-related travel.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer corporate accounts or services for business travelers?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers corporate accounts and services for business travelers, allowing companies to manage their travel expenses and providing tailored solutions for their business needs.

Are there special accommodations or services for senior citizens?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers special accommodations and services for senior citizens, including priority seating, assistance when boarding, and accessible facilities onboard.

Do senior citizens get any discounts or special rates?

Yes, senior citizens enjoy discounts and special rates when traveling with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), making it cost-effective and convenient for elderly passengers.

Do infants have special discount on train tickets?

Infants below a certain age usually travel for free on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) trains, making it family-friendly and economical for parents.

What are the policies for traveling with children on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has specific policies for traveling with children, including age-based ticketing, family compartments, and onboard amenities suitable for young travelers.

Are there group discounts or special rates?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers group discounts and special rates, making it an excellent choice for group travel, whether for leisure or business purposes.

Can Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) accommodate large groups or private bookings?

Yes, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) can accommodate large groups and offers private booking options, ensuring a seamless and comfortable travel experience for group travelers.

Are there special rates or services for students and young travelers?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provides special rates and services for students and young travelers, encouraging affordable and convenient travel for this demographic.

Travel Interruptions and Cancellations

What are Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)'s policies regarding travel interruptions and delays?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has clear policies for handling travel interruptions and delays. These are outlined in their terms and conditions, which can be accessed on their official website. They are committed to providing assistance and compensation to passengers affected by delays or interruptions.

How are passengers compensated or assisted in the event of unexpected delays?

Passengers facing unexpected delays on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) are provided with compensation or assistance as per the company's policies. Detailed information on the compensation process and types of assistance available can be found on the official Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) website.

How does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) handle delays and cancellations?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has established procedures for managing delays and cancellations. These include promptly informing passengers about the situation, offering alternative travel options, and providing appropriate compensation when necessary. The company's approach to handling these situations prioritizes passenger well-being and satisfaction.

Safety, Insurance, and Emergency Procedures

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer travel insurance options?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers travel insurance options for passengers. The insurance covers trip cancellation, interruption, and baggage loss. It provides peace of mind for travelers using SBB services, adding an extra layer of protection to their journey.

What are Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)'s safety protocols and standards?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) maintains high safety protocols and standards to ensure the well-being of passengers. The company invests in modern technology, regular maintenance, and safety training for staff. SBB adheres to strict safety regulations to provide a secure and reliable travel experience for all passengers.

Customer Support and Feedback

How can I contact Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) customer service?

To contact Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) customer service, you can reach out through their official website, by phone, or by visiting one of their service points. The contact details and service points are easily accessible on their website, allowing you to choose the most convenient method for your inquiry.

How does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) handle customer complaints and feedback?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) values customer feedback and complaints. They have a dedicated customer service team that manages and addresses any issues raised by customers. To provide feedback or file a complaint, customers can use the contact options available on the SBB website or visit a service point for assistance.

What are some common issues faced by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) customers, and how are they resolved?

Common issues faced by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) customers may include ticketing problems, delays, or service inquiries. SBB aims to resolve these issues promptly and efficiently. Customers can reach out to the customer service team to address their concerns, and SBB strives to provide satisfactory resolutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Routes, Schedules, and Travel Planning

What are the most popular Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) routes?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) operates numerous popular routes, including the scenic journey between Zurich and Geneva, Zurich and Lucerne, and the famous Glacier Express route from Zermatt to St. Moritz.

How can I find the schedule for a specific Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) route?

To find the schedule for a specific Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) route, you can use the official SBB website, mobile app, or visit a ticket counter at the train station. Simply enter the departure and arrival stations along with the date and time to access the detailed schedule.

How can I plan a trip with multiple Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) routes?

Planning a trip with multiple Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) routes is seamless. Utilize the SBB website or app to enter the starting point, final destination, and any intermediary stops. The platform will then generate a comprehensive itinerary, including the train connections and transfer timings.

What is Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) schedule?

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) operates a comprehensive and punctual schedule. Trains generally run frequently and adhere to the timetable published on their official platform, ensuring reliable transportation for commuters and tourists alike.

Do you need an ID to get on the train?

Generally, you do not need an ID to board an SBB train. However, it's advisable to carry identification during travel, especially for international journeys or in cases where ticket inspectors may request verification.

Do you need an ID for train, and is it possible to travel without one?

While IDs are not typically required for domestic travel on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), it's prudent to carry a form of identification. For international journeys or specific ticket types, such as discounted fares, carrying an ID is essential. However, in most cases, it is possible to travel without one.

Special Travel Options and Seasonal Services

Are there special routes or services available during major holidays and peak seasons?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) efficiently caters to major holidays and peak seasons by offering special routes and additional services. This ensures smooth travel for tourists and commuters during busy times, providing convenient and reliable transportation options.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer services for special events like festivals, concerts, or sports events?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provides special services for events like festivals, concerts, and sports events, ensuring seamless transportation for attendees. Their comprehensive network and flexible schedules accommodate the increased demand during such occasions, guaranteeing convenient travel experiences for passengers.

Booking and Managing Your Journey

How can I book a ticket for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

To book a ticket for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), you can visit their official website or use their mobile app. Both platforms offer a user-friendly interface to search for train schedules, select seats, and purchase tickets conveniently. Additionally, you can also buy tickets at SBB stations and authorized travel agencies.

Are there any discounts or loyalty programs available?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers various discounts and loyalty programs, catering to different passenger categories. The Half Fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard, and Junior Travelcard are popular options for regular commuters and families. Additionally, special promotional offers and group discounts are available for tourists. Keep an eye on their website for the latest deals.

Can I cancel or change my Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) train ticket?

Yes, you can cancel or change your Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) train ticket under certain conditions. Flexible fares allow changes and cancellations, usually with a fee. On the other hand, super saver tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. It's essential to review the terms and conditions associated with your ticket type.

How does the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) e-ticket work?

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) e-ticket provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel. Upon booking, you'll receive a digital ticket via email or the SBB mobile app. Simply present the e-ticket on your device when boarding the train. Ensure that your device is charged and the ticket is easily accessible to the train staff for hassle-free travel.

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) accepts which payment methods?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) accepts various payment methods for ticket purchases. These include major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, popular digital payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay are also accepted. It's advisable to check the website for the most updated information on accepted payment methods.

Luggage and Special Items Transport

What are the luggage allowances and restrictions on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) allows passengers to bring luggage on board within reasonable limits. There are no specific weight restrictions, but it should be manageable for the passenger to carry and stow. However, bulky items and excessive luggage may be subject to additional charges.

How does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) handle special requests like extra luggage?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) accommodates special requests for extra luggage within certain limits. Passengers with extra luggage or bulky items are encouraged to inform SBB staff in advance to ensure proper accommodation and avoid inconvenience during boarding.

Can passengers bring bicycles or sports equipment on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) train?

Passengers on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) are welcome to bring bicycles or sports equipment on the train. However, certain guidelines and restrictions apply to ensure the safety and convenience of all passengers during the journey.

What are the guidelines and fees for bicycle transport and sports equipment on Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has specific guidelines and fees for transporting bicycles and sports equipment on their trains. It's important for passengers to familiarize themselves with these rules to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Accessibility and Special Needs

How accessible are Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)es for passengers with mobility issues?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is committed to providing accessibility for passengers with mobility issues. They offer services such as ramps, wheelchair-accessible coaches, and assistance for boarding and alighting. Stations are equipped with elevators, accessible restrooms, tactile guidance systems, and staff trained to assist passengers with disabilities.

What facilities are available for passengers with special needs?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) provides various facilities for passengers with special needs, including priority seating, designated spaces for wheelchairs, and audio and visual announcements. Additionally, they offer booking assistance, accessible ticket counters, and information in alternative formats for passengers with visual or hearing impairments.

Rewards, Affiliations, and Special Programs

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer a rewards or loyalty program?

Yes, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers the Swiss Travel Pass, a convenient and cost-effective way to travel throughout Switzerland with unlimited access to the train, bus, and boat network.

How can customers benefit from regular travel with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)?

Regular travelers with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) can benefit from the Swiss Half Fare Card, offering a 50% discount on travel tickets, making it ideal for frequent commuters and tourists.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have any affiliations with travel organizations or clubs?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) collaborates with various travel organizations and clubs to provide exclusive offers and discounts, enhancing the travel experience for their customers.

Does Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer gift cards or travel vouchers?

Yes, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offers gift cards and travel vouchers, allowing recipients to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of train travel in Switzerland.