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03457 225 225


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Freepost RTUH-TUGH-GCLZ Cramlington NE23 1WG


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Smooth Luggage

Luggage Policy

luggage_policy policy

LNER Luggage Policy

  • Each passenger is allowed to bring three items of luggage: two large items (such as suitcases) not exceeding 30 x 70 x 90 cm and one smaller item such as a handbag or briefcase.
  • Luggage must be able to be lifted by a single person. The passenger is normally the one expected to manage their luggage.
  • Children under five who travel free are not entitled to a luggage allowance.
  • Luggage labels displaying the owner’s name and destination are required for large luggage items.
  • LNER requests that customers with large amounts of luggage or unusual items try to travel in less busy periods.
  • Oversized items, such as bikes, are only permitted if reserved in advance.

Extra Taxes on Luggage

  • Currently, there are no extra taxes for luggage when travelling on LNER.
  • Luggage beyond the allowed limit may incur additional charges.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

  • Passengers are allowed to bring personal belongings, suitcases, handbags, briefcases, and small pets in carriers.
  • Hot and cold drinks are allowed but must be in a tightly sealed container.
  • Certain items such as non-folding bicycles are only allowed with advance reservation and with applicable charges.
  • Prohibited items include any form of weapon, flammable or hazardous materials, and any items that could cause annoyance to other passengers like blasting music.

Pet-Friendly Guidelines

Pet Policy

pet_policy policy

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Pet Policy

  • Passengers are allowed to bring up to two pets per person on LNER trains at no additional charge.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless they are contained in a pet carrier.
  • All other small animals must be transported in a fully enclosed pet carrier that fits on the passenger's lap or under their seat.
  • LNER reserves the right to refuse transport to any animal they deem to be a nuisance or danger to the other passengers.
  • Animals cannot occupy seats; they must be seated in the floor space of the passenger who brought them.

Type of Pets Allowed and Not Allowed on LNER

  • Allowed: Small dogs, cats and other small animals such as rabbits and birds, as long as they are kept under control and do not inconvenience other passengers.
  • Not Allowed: Larger animals that cannot be kept under control or any pet that may pose a health or safety risk to other passengers are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, reptiles and exotic pets.
In case the specific policy for LNER cannot be found, the default pet policy for train travel in the United Kingdom is as follows:

Default UK Train Pet Policy

  • Passengers are permitted to bring a maximum of two pets on a train.
  • Pets should be kept on a lead or in a pet carrier.
  • Pets are not allowed on seats and must be seated on the floor unless they are in a carrier.
  • Train companies reserve the right to request that the owner remove the pet if it becomes a nuisance or safety hazard.