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Travel across Europe with ease and affordability by choosing Go Opti. With extensive routes covering popular destinations, flexible schedules, and competitive prices, you'll have the chance to explore the continent like never before.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Go Opti have a lost and found service?

If you've lost something on a Go Opti bus, get in touch with their customer service immediately and they will do their best to help you recover your belongings.

What are the baggage policies of Go Opti?

Passengers are usually allowed one large suitcase and a small carry-on. Extra baggage may require additional fees. For detailed info, check the Go Opti website.

Can I track my Go Opti bus in real-time?

Go Opti provides real-time tracking of their buses via their mobile app or website. This allows you to keep track of your transport’s arrival and other details.

Can I change my booking with Go Opti?

Changes to bookings can be made depending on Go Opti’s modification policies. It’s advised to contact their customer service for assistance.

Does Go Opti provide services for passengers with disabilities?

Yes, GoOpti aims to accommodate travellers with disabilities, but it’s recommended that you contact them ahead of time to arrange any necessary services.

Do children need tickets to travel with Go Opti?

Yes, children require tickets for travel. Children under a certain age may be eligible for discounts. For specific fares and guidelines, please refer to the official Go Opti website.

Does Go Opti offer refunds for cancellations?

Refunds for cancellations depend on Go Opti’s cancellation policy. For more detailed information, check the terms and conditions on their website.

What if I am not at the pickup location on time?

If you're not at the pickup location at the given time, the Go Opti bus will wait for an additional few minutes. If you miss your ride, contact Go Opti customer service immediately.

How can I book a trip with Go Opti?

Simply visit the Go Opti website or mobile app, enter your travel details – point of departure, destination, and travel dates, then follow the prompts to complete your booking.

What are Go Opti's operating hours?

Go Opti operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Schedule varies depending on the route and season. For more details, visit their website.

Does Go Opti have Wi-Fi on their buses?

Most Go Opti buses offer free Wi-Fi to travelers. Availability can depend on the route and the specific vehicle used.

What types of buses are used by Go Opti?

Go Opti uses a range of modern and comfortable vehicles including minibuses and vans depending on the number of passengers and destination.

Is online booking safe with Go Opti?

Yes, Go Opti uses secure protocols for online transactions, ensuring all personal and payment details are kept safe.

What is Go Opti?

GoOpti is a popular bus service offering safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation across various cities in Italy and other European countries. Visit their official website for detailed information.

Does Go Opti operate on holidays?

Yes, Go Opti operates on holidays. However, schedules may vary during these times. For specific details, please check the Go Opti website.

Flexible Cancellations

Cancellation Policy

cancellation_policy policy

We have gathered comprehensive information about the cancellation policy when traveling on Go Opti, a bus company that operates in Italy. Here are the key points:

  • Standard Cancellation: If you choose to cancel your ticket before 48 hours of the scheduled departure time, you are eligible for a refund minus a small cancellation fee. However, Go Opti may impose a higher fee for cancellations made 48 hours or less before the departure time.
  • Non-flexible Tickets: If you have booked a non-flexible ticket, you should note that these are typically non-refundable, unless the company has to cancel the service due to their operational issues.
  • Flexible Tickets: If you have a flexible ticket, you can cancel it without incurring a cancellation fee provided that the cancellation is done before a certain time prior to the departure.
  • Modified Bookings: If you have modified your booking, the cancellation fee may vary. The level of the fee may depend on various factors such as time before departure, type of ticket, etc.
  • No Show: If you fail to board the Go Opti vehicle at the scheduled pickup location and time and have not previously cancelled your travel, this will be considered a "no show" and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Unexpected Events: In case of unexpected events such as natural disasters, travel restrictions, etc., the company’s standard cancellation policy may not apply and you may be eligible for a full refund or voucher depending on the company’s decision and policy at that time.

Please note that the cancellation policy can vary depending on the specific circumstances of your journey, the type of ticket, and any special deals applied during the booking. Always check the terms and conditions specific to your travel situation.

Smooth Luggage

Luggage Policy

luggage_policy policy

Go Opti Luggage Policy

  • All passengers are allowed one piece of hand luggage and one larger bag. The combined weight should not exceed 25 kg.
  • The dimensions of the hand luggage should not exceed 40x30x20 cm.
  • The dimensions of the larger piece of luggage should not exceed 70x50x30 cm.
  • Luggage that exceeds these dimensions or weight could be subject to an oversize / overweight luggage fee.
  • Additional luggage will be subject to available space, and might require an additional fee.

Extra Taxes on Luggage

  • In case of oversized or overweight luggage not previously declared, an extra fee will be charged depending on the luggage size and the travel distance.

Allowed and Disallowed Items

Allowed items:

  • Electronic devices such as laptops, cameras, and mobile phones.
  • Personal items such as clothing, books, and toiletries.
  • Food items for personal consumption.
  • Accessories for babies and small children.

Disallowed items:

  • Weapons of any sort, including knives, firearms, and ammunition.
  • Flammable, explosive, or corrosive substances.
  • Animals, exception given only to guide dogs accompanying a visually impaired person.
  • Bulky items such as bicycles, unless they are folded or dismantled and packed securely.

Pet-Friendly Guidelines

Pet Policy

pet_policy policy
I'm sorry, but I was unable to find specific pet policy details for Go Opti, an Italian bus company. However, I can tell you the general pet policy that is commonly applied by many bus companies in Italy. Below is the information:

General Pet Policy for Bus Travel in Italy:

  • Small pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) that can fit into special pet carriers (like a pet bag or small cage) are typically allowed on the bus.
  • The pet carrier should not exceed the allowable size provided by the company, typically not bigger than the dimension for carry-on luggage.
  • Pets must have all their relevant documents including vaccination records and health certificates.
  • The pet carrier or bag must be clean, secure, not cause any inconvenience to other passengers, and must not occupy seats.
  • Pets should remain in their carriers at all times during the journey.
  • Any damage or mess caused by the pet will be the responsibility of the pet owner.
  • Large breed dogs are generally not allowed on buses.
  • Dangerous or aggressive animals are not allowed.
  • For long-distance bus rides, it's important to consider the comfort and welfare of your pet. Please ensure they have enough food and water, and can handle the duration of the trip.

Please note that these are general guidelines and specific rules may vary from one company to another. Contact Go Opti directly to get precise information about their pet policy.

Remember, these policies could change, and they could also be different for Go Opti. Always check with the bus company before you travel.